Generation Texas Week - Nov 27th to Dec 1st

Generation Texas Week - Nov 27th to Dec 1st
What is Generation Texas Week?

Generation Texas Week is a time set aside for schools across the state to reach out to all students and their families to provide inspiration and information on making decisions about higher education. It’s never too early to start having those conversations and teaching our young children to value their education and help them understand what college has to offer. By participating in Generation Texas Week, we as a community of educators and families, can help students make connections and feel supported on their path to achieving success in education. It’s up to all of us to get inspired and make it happen!

Generation Texas Week Themes

College Day! Wear clothing that shows your favorite university, trade school, or community college!

Green-Means-Go Day! Give yourself the green light to go to college and always keep learning and growing. Wear green from head to toe!

Pick a Major…Majorly Awesome Hairstyle Day! Wear your hair in a crazy new way!

Bright Future Day! Look forward to your bright future and wear your favorite sunglasses!

Giddens Day! Wear a Giddens shirt, or dress from head to toe in the Giddens school colors of red & black!